Enter the GOAT

Cleveland the GOAT is a site dedicated to bringing you a fresh, original take on Cleveland sports.[1] We will be heavily dedicated to covering the Cavaliers as that’s where our greatest passion lies. However, we will also spend time on the Browns because we can’t help ourselves and since the Indians are probably winning the World Series this year you KNOW we’ll be breaking that down as well. We love the city of Cleveland and believe it to be the best sports city in the world…if for no other reason that we keep putting up with crap year after year after year after year after year. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on when we put up new content. You can also follow me personally on Twitter @ClevelandFlack. The best thing you can do for us though is to recommend us to your friends…if you like what you read, of course.

Ben Flack

[1] Other names we discussed: Zydrunas is My Home Boy; Ehlo’s Dunk Face; Love Child of Ilgauskas; Mark2Kyrie; and a close second, Fat Shawn Kemp.


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