NFL Week 2 Picks: Take the Points with the Browns over Ravens

It was a bit of a rough Week 1 for the picks column where I only went 5-9-1. There were a couple of couple of beats like the Seahawks and Niners both covering by a point. There was that awful Patriots/Bills game where I should have known better than to go against a double-digit home dog even if it was the Bills. But no worry, I shall not be daunted. We’re going to forge ahead and hit the Week 2 picks…

Browns (+7) over RAVENS

I know the Browns looked like crap in the opener. But so did the Ravens. The Browns, who are often a full touchdown underdog often cover that big of a spread. Don’t forget that last year they had several really close games, including a Thursday night loss in Baltimore that came down to a Brandon Weeden shot into the end zone to tie the game.

I believe that the Browns will play much better this Sunday and it’s entirely possible that the Ravens aren’t even good for all we know. I’m glad that this line got up to a full seven points. Makes me feel a lot more comfortable pulling the trigger on the pick.

EAGLES (-7) over Chargers

I realize that this is a bit of a sucker bet but I feel a lot better about it now that it’s gone down from 8 to 7 points. I bet against my guy Chip Kelly last week and won’t repeat that mistake again this week.

In all seriousness though, that Eagles offense looked really impressive. I’m not sure how long Mike Vick will last running the ball and taking hits but for now it looks like the perfect fit for a guy who NFL coaches have struggled to fit into the right scheme for his entire career. I really like the Eagles this week.

Titans (+9.5) over TEXANS

I understand that the Steelers might just suck. They certainly looked pretty bad against the Titans last week. I’m not really a fan of Jake Locker and the Titans but I’m also not blown away by the Texans who needed to come from behind to beat the Chargers. The Texans didn’t blow out many teams last year and while they had a good season they didn’t really overpower their opponents. Anyways, this is a really big line for a Week 2 game in my opinion. I’d take the points.

Dolphins (+3) over COLTS

I was really impressed with the Dolphins defense last week. Their corners played really well against what is admittedly a weak Browns receiving group without Josh Gordon. But the line got great push all game, particularly from Cameron Wake who dominated Mitchell Schwartz. I don’t love their offense but they did find and exploit the weakness in the Browns defense.

The Colts, on the other hand, were less than impressive. They also needed to come from behind to beat the Raiders who all the smart people thought might not win a single game this season.[1] This is a tight line and I think it could go either way. But I really think that the Dolphins’ pass rush will give Luck some issues so I’ll go ahead and take Miami.

Panthers (-3) over BILLS

I’m not exactly sure that the Panthers played well enough to be favored on the road in Week 2 and the Bills certainly showed they have some fight in them. But I really believe that the Panthers are the better team and will win this game. Given that, I can’t take the Bills in good conscience. Will probably be a close game but I’ll still lay the points.

FALCONS (-6) over Rams

The Falcons are coming home off a tough loss to the Saints to play a mediocre Rams team. I was skeptical of Atlanta for most of last season before coming around on their legitimacy as the season wore along. Their offense looks like it’s going to put up points all season long in 2013 and they’ll be looking to put on a show for their home fans in what is a pretty good home field advantage. I’d feel good about laying a touchdown with Matt Ryan and Julio Jones so six points is a no-brainer.

Redskins (+7.5) over PACKERS

This line feels like an overreaction to Week 1. The Packers lost a tough game and what I really came out of that game thinking was that their defense is still pretty bad. I know that RG3 isn’t close to being back to the player who tore up the NFL last season before the injury but they were still affective on offense in the second half against the Eagles. This is going to be a good close game and I would be surprised if it didn’t land within a touchdown.

Cowboys (+3) over CHIEFS

I know they won big over the Jags last week but I’m not sold on the Chiefs because, well, it was the Jags. The Cowboys actually beat a legitimate NFL football opponent last week. I don’t love the Cowboys but I’ll still take them over the “rejuvenated” Chiefs.

BEARS (-6.5) over Vikings

The Bears won what was a pretty boring game last week over the Bengals, who I actually think are pretty good. The Vikings on the other hand appeared to be one of those fluke playoff teams because they certainly didn’t look like it last week against a 4-12 team. The Bears look like they might be getting back to being the team that looked really good in the first half of 2012. It’s a pretty big line but I like the Bears by a TD.

Saints (-4) over BUCCANEERS

I’m still upset at the Bucs for losing to the Jets in the opener. What a flaming stink-bomb of a performance by Josh Freeman and Tampa Bay! Meanwhile the Saints are loving the reunion of Sean Payton and Drew Brees. How is this line only four points?

Lions (-2.5) over CARDINALS

I am IN on Reggie Bush and the Lions!!! I’m ignoring the fact that they’re still the Detroit Lions and that if history has taught us anything it’s that they’ll blow this Week 2 game. But these are the new Detroit Lions with a Reggie Bush who looks eerily similar to the Reggie Bush who dominate at USC and won the Heisman even if it never actually happened according to the NCAA. I’m all-in on the Lions.

RAIDERS (-6) over Jaguars

This is the ultimate sucker bet. But until I see the Jags actually score offensive points this season there’s no way that I’m picking them. Also… TERRELLE PRYOR!!!

Broncos (-4) over GIANTS

The Giants just picked up Brandon Jacobs off the couch to play running back. So that’s good. Peyton Manning on the other hand looked borderline invincible in that Week 1 domination of the Ravens. Tough to pick against the Broncos until we see them struggle offensively.

SEAHAWKS (-2.5) over 49ers

This is going to be a GREAT game. I’m thrilled to sit on my couch and watch these two team do their thing. These two QBs are probably both among my top ten favorite guys to watch in the NFL. It’s going to go down to the wire and I like the Seahawks at home by a field goal.

BENGALS (-7) over Steelers

Sucker bet!!! Call me a sucker anyways because much in the line with the Jags but just to a little lesser extent, I’m not betting on the Steelers until they show some semblance of looking like an actual NFL football team. I didn’t love the Bengals’ performance in the opener but they’re a much better team than the Steelers are right now and they’re playing at home so I’ll take it.

LAST WEEK: 5-9-1



[1] For the record, I had the Raiders in that game. I think people overreact to how bad teams will be every year like they did this year with Oakland.


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