NFL Week 16 Picks: Plus a quick thought on Derek Carr and the Cleveland Browns

In the interest of examining potential future Cleveland Browns quarterbacks I watched Derek Carr yesterday and didn’t come away terribly impressed. He made some really nice throws like the quick slant for the TD on their first drive. But he also left a lot of plays out there. He didn’t look great against the USC rushed as he wouldn’t really get his feet set which caused the ball to sail. It was only the second time that I’ve seen Carr live and the other one was as I was falling asleep on the couch after the B1G Championship Game. So I’ll be sure to do some more study on him and all the other QBs as we lead up to the draft and I’ll have breakdowns right here on

Now let’s do another terrible job picking games!

(Home team in CAPS. Lines are from Gamble at your own risk.)

JETS (-2) over Browns

This week’s Browns contest could be one of the uglier games of the season because it pits two of the worst offenses in the league against two of the best defenses. It really seems like this should be a game that the Browns should be able to win. But the offense just hasn’t been able to do much the last couple games and without Devone Bess and Jordan Cameron it will be even tougher. And if the defense doesn’t have Joe Haden then that changes the complexion of that side of the ball as well.

I guess what I’m expecting at this point with the Browns is that they will again find a way to lose like they have the past three weeks. And yes, the Browns ineptitude has pushed me to the point where I really don’t care if they win. Because sometimes losing for draft picks is the best thing you can do. And I hate myself for writing that…but I blame the Browns for pushing me to this point.

Dolphins (-3) over BILLS

PANTHERS (-3.5) over Saints

Cowboys (-3) over REDSKINS

RAMS (-4.5) over Buccaneers

Colts (+7) over CHIEFS

Vikings (+8) over BENGALS

Broncos (-10.5) over TEXANS

JAGUARS (+4.5) over Titans

Cardinals (+11) over SEAHAWKS

LIONS (-9.5) over Giants

CHARGERS (-10) over Raiders

PACKERS (-2) over Steelers

Patriots (+2) over RAVENS

EAGLES (-3) over Bears

49ERS (-13.5) over Falcons

LAST WEEK: 5-8-1

SEASON: 93-107



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